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Winn Sevilla wrote:
> my kits (ZetaPlus, Wing Gundam) have very loose polycaps.
> dunno if its from too much posing or something...
> so how do i re-tighten them?
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There is a technique I use to solve this problem, but it ususallly has
to be applied before asembly. All poly-caps have basically the same
design, right? (the main body of the cap and the two nubs on the sides
that the cap pivots on). What I do is I take a drop of superglue on the
end of a pin or hobby knife, and I rub it along the inside of the
plastic part that the poly-cap will fit into (not the cap itself) - and
be sure to let it completely dry for about 5-10 minutes. Once dry, it
creates and extra layer of plastic, and this makes it so the cap will
have a tighter fit once the parts are assembled. You cannot do this
once the parts are assembled. Extensive eperience has shown me that
applying superglue to plastic parts that have any kind of stress on them
(ANY kind, including the small amount of stress that a poly-cap exerts
on the surrounding plastic once in place) will cause that part to split
and crack - probably due to some kind of chemical reaction (and I
learned this the "hard way"...). However, once the superglue dries (on
a "stress-free" part), this problem goes away (the glue basically
becomes another layer of plastic).

        Trevor in California

Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at http://gundam.aeug.org/

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