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>>>Oh, one question though...when was Dorothy Catalonia's >appearance? I
>>didn't see it in there.
>>Dorothy appeared in EW:Special Edition aka the compilation movie which IMO
>>is much better than the OVA's since it adds extra flashback footage and a
>>nicer soundtrack.
>I knew that...I was under the impression (from Mark's Gundam Project site)
>that what was shown on Cartoon Network this past Friday was the movie
>version (with the flashback stuff, the scenes with Hilde and Dorothy,
>etc.....well, Hilde and flashbacks for each of the pilots was there, but I
>didn't see Dorothy).

They showed all 3 episodes straight. The evidence is in the title screen
for each episode, which was not edited out during the broadcast. The end
credits used the same animation and soundtrack as the version used for the
TV series.


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