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>>I knew that...I was under the impression (from Mark's Gundam >Project site)
>that what was shown on Cartoon Network this past >Friday was the movie
>version (with the flashback stuff, the >scenes with Hilde and Dorothy,
>etc.....well, Hilde and >flashbacks for each of the pilots was there, but I
>didn't see >Dorothy).
>She appears to rally the people to stand up against Dekim even providing
>them with transportation in the form of trucks (yes, she had a gold one for
>I'm not sure how much footage was actually addded to the movie. A sure test
>is to watch the Wing ZEROs 'launch' scene and see (or hear) if its Last
>Impression (not White Reflection) that they are playing in the background.

Hmm, if memory serves, it was White Reflection. Another question might solve it: Did they have breaks in the movie where the original OVA eps ended and another began? If not, then what was shown was a combination of the 3 OVAs.

Either way, I thought it was good enough to get the DVD when it comes out next year, even if I don't consider the tv series the same way.


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