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>ther was a (rather large) 1/144 version of the Zeta Plus C1 although I'm
>not sure whether it was an HG model.
> >they make an HG Zeta Plus? Is that like an HGUC? Or is it the >sentinel
> >model from the 80s

>it wasn't an HG kit. it was a glue kit, and it was nice but >fragile.

Ahh, Soo-desu ne. Yes I remember now, I had problems with some of the parts
since I had put a bit to much glue. I really loved this kit though, it was
almost as tall as my 1/100 Wing kits (i think). Too bad it disapeared
(along with my Bawoo and VF-1J Millia Type *sniff*) when my place underwent

I was thinking I should get one again but i'm saving up for an MG Gundam
v1.5. Any tips on modifying the side skirt armor to accept the beam rifle?
Also, I'm planning to paint it in Char colors, any suggestions? Was planning
to use either Mr. Color or Pylox but I'm not sure if they have the right
colors. Then again I could borrow an airbrush. Hehe, it's obvious i prefer
spraying to brushes since i'm not to good with them.

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