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>One of the many rip off models I got from ehobbyland was a Ben >Di (The
>Chinese counterfeit of Ban Dai) Aesculapius model. The wierd >thing was...
>it had a brief summary of G-Unit but it was SO SCREWED UP. >Apparently it
>was in Japanese, translated into Chinese, and then into >English. I must
>say I laughed my ass off when I read this, so I want the other >people on
>the GML to read it. I am typing it EXACTLY as it appears on the >box,
>spacing, punctuation and all, So here, enjoy:
> A.C.195 World come lost of terrorists them well command >world,for man
>lery that gurad the world, gurad the >homestead.scientist maske
>versa terrorists of warriors.
> mobile warrior is 195.begin make,adopt then world best >seniors
>techndogy,electron laser hot could unke.own the arm as the war >valor,can
>meta each shape,warrior as war as to need each the sea >lunarite
>vacancy liberty peace put up club.

I'll drink to that

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