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11 Nov 2000 18:54:05 -0000

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Cartoon Network's showing of Endless Waltz yet. Having only seen the first two episodes of the OAV of this show (and poor copies of that), I was surprised to find myself really enjoying this show. I found it was far better than the tv series, and so good in fact, that I will get the DVD of it when it comes out, unlike the tv series. The dubbing was as the tv series, and I loved them having Maggie Blue O'Hara as the voice of Mariemaia Khushrenada (she has become one of my favorite voice actresses, starring in roles such as Amano Ai in Video Girl Ai, Holly (whatever the original name was) in Monster Rancher and now also as Kitty Pryde in the new X-Men: Evolution cartoon series (which is very good so far, far better than the old Fox one). I love her voice). And I do like the new Gundam redesigns, even the Sandrock, which I initially hated before seeing it animated, and especially the new Heavy Arms, which looks FAR better than it ever did before!

BTW, I loved Duo's reply to Sally Po when they were leaving colony X-18999 "If you're joking that's cruel, but if you're being sarcastic, that's even worse."

The only real complaint I have is that this was edited like the afternoon version of the tv series, not like the uncut midnight showings (ie, any blood was edited out, the words death and kill were replaced, Duo was the Gret Destroyer and not the God of Death, etc.), but this will do well enough until the DVD comes out next year I suppose.

Oh, one question though...when was Dorothy Catalonia's appearance? I didn't see it in there.


Oh, and one final was a shame that they changed the opening of the original tv series in the CN showings...seeing that ash covered teddy bear in that flashback of Heero's wouldn't mean as much if you hadn't seen that.

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