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Sat, 11 Nov 2000 01:14:09 -0800 (PST)

--- OmegaGundam <> wrote:
> Ok I'm trying to find out if anyone else is like me
> or am I just a
> freak?

yah, we got unbuilt stuff too, but you're still a
freak. ;)

> I currently have over 10 unbuilt models. And they
> aren't small SD stuff
> it's MG stuff most of it. And I just bought 2 more
> kits yesterday that
> I like.

gundam stuff:

mg rx178 titans
mg gm custom
mg zaku 2
vigna zhira
cluster gundam
neo gundam
hg zeta
hg zetaplus
turn x

macross stuff: a couple of destroids, and a couple of
valkyries, male zent power armor, female zent power

through some purchase i can no longer remember, i have
a couple of mospeada bike kits.

warhammer schtuff: lotz. :D currently about two
armies worth. i have dark eldar coming up (finally),
as soon as i finish my fantasy orcs (waaagh!) in a
week or so. after which, might come 40k orks, or
skaven or brettonians.... :)

> I'm slowly realizing unless I take a few
> weeks off from work
> and do nothing but model building for 8 hours a day
> I'm not gonna keep
> up because my standards are so high.
> Does anyone else have too many kits and not enough
> time? And with
> Bandai cranking out so many kits so quick I can't
> keep up.

i have no qualms about buying more kits that i like.
i'm pretty confident in my tastes, and the mech i like
today, i will like 10 years from now. heck, i still
like the macross mechs (all of 'em) after all these

besides, model kits don't expire like food, and they
only get more expensive over time (and drop in quality
too, it seems) and get harder to find. think of it
them as investment. ;)

i'm just saving my most favorite kits for last. :)


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