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The question of course is if humans could easily catch up to mobile suits,
or even stay out as long. MS have more fuel, thrust and (more importantly)
air than a normal suit. People may be a threat in the ground but not as
much in space.

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>One easy solution will be placing extra armor over important >joints,
>however, the mobility of the MS will be serverely limited.

>Another solution will be installing anti-personnel weapons on >the MS, such
>as machine gun with proximity sensor, or eletrified spikes...

>As I was trying to fall asleep last night, I got to thinking about how
>mobile suits protect themselves against ... well ... humans. As seen in
>MS Team, man portable rocket launcher can do some damage to a Zaku, but
>that's not quite what I mean. Imagine during a battle (either in Space,
>someone in a normal suit and one of those hoverpack dealies Char had at the
>start of Zeta, or on the ground using a grappling hook or somesuch) that a
>soldier makes his way to a major joint on the MS, say, the weapons arm
>or the neck in space, or the knee joint on the ground, and then plants some
>high explosives, then jets away. Ba-boom. This should work especially well
>in space since weight would not be such a factor.
>I guess this means there are two questions ... one being has anyone ever
>tried this in the history of Gundam, and two, do mobile suits have any
>protection against this sort of thing? The Zaku in 08th seemed to have
>shrapnel grenades for this purpose, but I'm not so sure how well that would
>work in space. Certainly head vulcans and a beam rifle wouldn't be much
>especially in space where one of those hoverpacks would afford a lot of
>motion. Hell, in a heated battle would a pilot even notice someone creeping
>up on them?
>I remember friends of mine who played BattleTech mentioning that people in
>those Elemental powered armor suits were positively vicious against bigger
>mechs, since they could just latch on and then the larger mecha had really
>no way of getting them off...
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