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> Check out this article by Core and Nightingale:
> http://side7.gundam.com/newtype_asylum/mania/column/col0005.htm
> My comments on these mechas:
> G-Saviour - looks like GP03 and F91
> G-Saviour Terrain - a slim-down RX-79 (G)
> G-Saviour Flight Type - Gundam + Leo!
> G2-Saviour - RXF-91 with GM's back pack
> G3-Saviour - nothing special
> G3-Saviour (with Heavy Cannon unit) - Gundam Cannon?
> G3-Saviour (Ground Attack mode) - rollerblading Gundams!
> I have to say the Bugu II is the coolest of all Zaku-look-alikes. Its body
> and legs remind me of Gerbera Tetra (the coolest mecha in OYW era!)
> >Hey -Z-
> >Can you scan a couple pages from the G-saviour book so that we can take a
> >look at some of the mecha designs?

This pix of the scratchbuilt models are a lot clearer than anything I could scan
from the book. All of the artwork is CGI and so the images in the book are way
dark, as is par for the course when computer game graphics are printed.

That's another strike against the SD Gundam Generation-F book, by the way -- not
only are the pictures only centimeters square, they're so dark they all look
like night scenes!


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