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> I'm asking this cause I really don't know...
> Looking throught the net I've seen lots of UC Gundam illustrations by
> Haruhiko Mikimoto. In fact, I think they're the most numerous of all
> UC pictures I've seen.
> Why are there so many Mikimoto drawn Gundam pictures out there (not
> that I'm ungrateful. I love his designs) Just puzzled.

CD and book cover art, mostly, plus the odd "splash page" magazine illustration.

Mikimoto started out as a Gundam fan, doing a strip for Gundam Century that was
so much like Yasuhiro Yoshikazu that, on first sight, I thought it was his. So,
when the opportunity came up to do Gundam illustrations professionally, Mikimoto
didn't hesitate.

He's done pencil sketch mini-posters for every Gundam the Movies book and, of
course, was the character designer for Gundam 0080, for which he also did a lot
of promotional art.


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