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> Well... that's a shame... I don't have enough kits, I
> only have a bunch of 1/144s, no reliable place to buy
> kits and a lot of free time... Are you willing to sell any
> kits? I can see why you wouldn't want to but I just
> can't seem to find a place that I can buy kits and be
> absolutely sure they're decent. I've been ripped of from
> ebay numerous times and my nearby Hungates is
> Ungodly expensive... this message actually goes
> out to anyone who is willing to sell kits. I haven't
> gotten an MG yet, mainly because I don't know
> where to get one, but I have the money for one.

Well, I'm in Ireland right now, and will be here until the end of the month.
If I remember when I get home, I will inventory the kits I can part with,
research their costs, and post a list of kits for sell.


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