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Hey -Z-
Can you scan a couple pages from the G-saviour book so that we can take a look at some of the mecha designs?

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Four new books just in from Asahiya:

PlayStation 2 Guidebook Special G-Saviour (2000.10.15, Keibunsha,
ISBN4-7669-3642-6) 80 color digest-sized pages for Y950.

Set in Space Century Year 224, it says here, in English no less. I assume that
means UC 0224, a year after the events in the movie. The G-Saviour Special
Guide is divided into eight parts. The Story is brief -- it's all on page 002,
really. MS Assemble showcases the mecha from page 005 to 018. Page 019 is some
kind of RPG ranking chart, pages 020 and 021 correlation between the MS and the
pilot characters, and page 023 is about something called Super Animational
Motion (SAM) that I've yet to decipher. Pages 024 through 027 are a Technique
Guide -- play strategy, with familiarity with the game controls apparently
assumed. Pages 028 through 078 are the meat of the book, walkthroughs of the
various "chapters" with Battle Stage maps, ending with another SAM. Page 079
advertises G-Saviour "figures" from GameSoft.

Although no detailed specs or model numbers are given for them, just RPG style
Speed, Shield and Armor ratings and armament, the book profiles the various
mecha in the MS Assemble. The Good Guys are the G-Saviour, G3-Saviour,
G3-Saviour Intensive-Attack-Mode, G3-Saviour Ground-Attack-Mode, J-Saviour, and
G-Saviour Terrain Mode, the latter two labeled SECRET. The Bad Guys are the
Bugu, Bugu 2, Raid, Spear Head, Spear Head B, Spear Head C, and Raiven [sic],
which is actually an MA and is apparently the central figure in the story, which
revolves around Project Raiven. The Raiven is big and black and has wings, very

The Good Guys appear to go by the name Illuminati and include Race Patrick, Reed
Fox (or, maybe, Focus), Ben Bolt, and Asaki Field. The Bad Guys are are
Gremliship (Gremly Ship?), who represent the Settlement (Space Colony), and
include Kraus Harlord, Kite Goldman, Rysus (pilot of the Raiven), Richard
Wright, and Base Hashing (not sure if that's a person or a place).

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