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Got my Tenamonya Voyagers DVD the other day (along with Nadesico and Sakura
Wars (what can I say? I love the theme song :P)) and its a pretty whacked
show. Gorgeous character designs and _very_ slick animation, combined with
some really great Japanese voice acting have me impressed after watching the
first episode, though. The mechanical design is pretty standard fare for a
Bandai/Sunrise show, and it was done by Noriaki Tetsura and Nooyuki Kanno,
neither of who are ringing any bells for me. They done anything of note? The
mecha vaguely remind me of something you might see developed in the post-CCA
but pra V Gundam era, having some noticable Gundam design traits (well, more
GM design traits, so I guess I mean Gundam as in the series, not the MS).
Really wierd story, though =)
Considering its the entire OVA Series (4 episodes) on a single DVD it's
probably worth a look and possiblity an addition to your collection for
those of you who are DVD fans.
Sorry for the OT post, but I wanted to combine a mini-review with a question
about those mechanical designers, so if anyone knows, fill me in =P

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