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Fri, 10 Nov 2000 06:52:27 GMT

Good work, Lim, just two complaints-

1)The hover/float system used by MS and ships is called Minovski Craft
systems. The actual Minovski drive is something much, much more

During the last days of the Zancarl War, the League Militare developed the
ultimate drive system for Mobile Suits-the Minovski Drive. This allowed the
Victory 2 Gundam to make MASSIVE amounts of thrust, without using a single
drop of fuel for reaction mass. In essence, this is the most deus ex
machine drive one can get, but how it works is left as a bit of magitech.

However, following your theories, the Minovski Drive is nothing more than a
Minovski Craft system writ large and more powerful-in essence, the Drive
system makes ejected Minovski Particles have an infinite weight for the
picosecond needed for the Mobile Suit to literally "push off" of the
particles. This is difficult to explain and I should work through the steps
of how I think it happens.

1)The Minovski Drive generates a particle with infinite density.
2)Plasma is used to push away from the particle-since the particle can't
move(it has infinite density, remember? It's effectivly "fixed" in space),
the plasma and what it's pushing is pushed away.
3)As the object the plasma is pushing reaches the point where the density of
the infinite-density Minovski Particle would pull it back, the particle has
already dissipated, leaving no mass to pull.

-and if you do this at a rate of a couple of billion times a second, you'll
get some pretty good thrust.

  The drive DOES use fuel, mind you-to power the fusion reactors and to
create the nessisary Minovski particle density needed to create thrust and
the small amounts of plasma needed to push off the infinitely dense Minovski
Partiles. However, in comparison to other MS of the day, the fuel use is
like eyedrops to Niagra Falls. This also explains why the Minovski Drive
could be used as a beam shield or saber-the fields were adjusted to create a
density sufficent as a beam saber or beam shield.

2)The I-Field. Big question, how the (bleep) does a beam-armed MS fire out
of it's own I-Field?

Mark Simmons had this question in the Gundam FAQ (time to repost it, Mark!),
and there were several theories.

1)The "tube" theory that the I-Field could be shot out of, or into, as long
as you had something penetrating the field-this explaind why the GPO3
Denodramen Stamen could fire it's Massive Beam Cannon with the I-Field
up.....BUT not how the Big-Zam could do the same.
2)The "hole" theory that said the I-Field could have holes made in it to
allow shots in or out. This was a popular theory.
3)The "propeller" theory was that the I-Field wasn't a continuous, solid
object. Instead, it would "flicker" at a very rapid rate, and while someone
on the outside wouldn't know when the field was up or down, someone on the
inside would and could shoot out. I personally liked this theory (mostly
because I thought of it).

So, how does this work out?

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