Danny Kim (danny@lookfx.com)
Thu, 09 Nov 2000 11:55:56 -0800

UPS just came by dropped off my BYG ZAM. It's HUGE!!
I'm not sure if anyone did review on this guy. But, here's my short review.

Well, other than impressive size, it comes with locking joints on it's leg and
knee. Which makes it very sturdy and strong. Rubber toes helps, too. It will
take a strong earthquake to knock this thing down. You'll have no problem
posing it and keeping it stand.

Not whole lot of move parts on this guy. Other than nicely done legs, Mega
Particle Cannon moves up and down. And, Burner rotates. That's about it!

Byg Zam comes with tons of panel lines. But, they are not painted like other
MSiA series. I might touch it up a little.

Over all I think it's very well made toy. In one word, STRONG! It's more than I
was expecting in quality wise. But, as usual 5800 yen seems little bit high. It
will make a great collection, only if you have money to burn.


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