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At 12:27 11/09/2000 -0700, Echo|Fox wrote:
>I just flipped through my HD and found 90 unsorted new images, not all of
>which are Gundam, mind you, and some may be repeats of images I already have
>online, but there should be at least 50 new ones (mostly UC, many of which
>will be character shots, along with a handful of AC) tonight.

        You do have a number of repeats in the UC section primarily, but I
can't tell whether it's due to different image sizes or some other stuff.

>Sigh, the good part of writing your own software is you can make it fit your
>own needs, the bad part is you can't wait for a new version to fix bugs ...
>you gotta fix 'em yourself.

        True true. Though your last sentence reminded me a little too much
of Pokemon. =)

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