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At 11:58 11/09/2000 -0700, Echo|Fox wrote:
>Aurgh curse you =)

        Heheheh. I live to serve. =)

>I've got 50 odd images sitting in random directories around on my harddrive
>that I need to sort and upload, but I sorta broke my upload script, so I
>think I'm going to have to do it by hand.

        No wonder you haven't updated your site for some time. What kind of
script are you using?

>... a newbie insults one of the greats (-Z-, Mark, Burke, etc) without
>realizing who they are, 1 drink
>......... we never hear from the newbie again, 1 drink
>......... the newbie apologizes profusely, finish your glass

        Oh yes, I forgot these too. Thanks!

>... A new Gundam TVseries is announced, finish off all your alcohol and
>begin partying like its UC0079!
>....... and it's set in the UC timeline, have a designated driver take you
>to the liquor store to buy more alcohol, then finish that off too

        You forgot: Invite the driver to take a few too, after he drives you
back.. =)

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