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Thu, 9 Nov 2000 11:58:33 -0700

Aurgh curse you =)
I've got 50 odd images sitting in random directories around on my harddrive
that I need to sort and upload, but I sorta broke my upload script, so I
think I'm going to have to do it by hand. Now in the interest of preserving
the GML's sanity (which can only happen if we're all royally drunk!) I'm
going to have to get off my ass and do that tonight. Good excuse to do some
work though ... been a long time since I've done an update.
Anyway, my additions:

... a new MSiA is announced, 1 drink
........ and its not a OYW or GW design, 1 drink

... a newbie insults one of the greats (-Z-, Mark, Burke, etc) without
realizing who they are, 1 drink
......... we never hear from the newbie again, 1 drink
......... the newbie apologizes profusely, finish your glass

... A new Gundam TVseries is announced, finish off all your alcohol and
begin partying like its UC0079!
....... and it's set in the UC timeline, have a designated driver take you
to the liquor store to buy more alcohol, then finish that off too

... someone posts an offtopic post, 1 drink
....... that someone manages to tie into Gundam somehow, 2 drinks
....... that manages to monopolize the list for at least a day, 3 drinks

... someone asks what kinda crack the mechanical designer was smoking when
the Zakurello was designed, 1 drink
...... someone rises up and defends the Zakurello, take away their alcohol,
they've clearly had too much

... a newbie mails the list and in all caps extolls the virtues of one of
the G-Boys and how cool their Gundam is, finish your glass to calm your
nerves so you can respond rationally

... The GML, a GMLer, or a GMLer's site appears in a print publication, 3

Hmm... i'm good for now ;p

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>         Burke, Echo|Fox, Core or Nightingale post an site update: Drink,
> then get over to their sites to find out!
>         (Hey, let's give credit to where it's due too..)
>         -Z- gets angry:  Drink as much as you can, then build an air-raid
> shelter from all the beer cans, and enjoy the show. =)
>         I post, and it isn't anything overly technical and long-winded:  1
>         I post, and it is something overly technical and long-winded:  5
>         (may as well get drunk and get it over with, ne? =)
>         Zhou Tai An *DON'T* request evidence:  1 drink
>         Someone agress with Zhou Tai An!:  5 drinks
>         Someone post a Drinking Game post: 1 drink
>         Someone post a model review: 1 drink
> >- Someone takes a cheap shot at one of the Gundam series
> > - and it's Gundam Wing
>                 AND someone actually steps in to suggest ending the thread
> before it gets out of hand!: Get royally drunk and start singing!
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