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<< Actually the one thing I love most about Gundam X is Garrod! He's even
 funnier than Duo. The Mecha designs, which are blatant copies from W and
 cross-bone gundams, are not very original. Anyway, it's set in AC and has
 newtypes, so you gotta love it!
>I see Gundam X much differently. It's a good show and I like it, (I need
>to say that now) I see it as a combination of the characters and mecha
>designs from Gundam Wing with the oh so goodness of UC Gundam. For
>example, it has action similar to UC Gundam (Not everything dies
>instantly from being touched by a thermal blade like in G Wing) But then
>the sorta... not normal mecha designs like in G Wing or G Gundam and the
>sorta funny and whimsical characters of Wing. So I think the main appeal
>of Gundam X to Wing fans are the mecha and the likable good guy/bad guy
>combinations... Something like that, I can't seem to put it any better
>words than that. >>

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