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> Check the math and basic physics--an object that large rotating that fast
> would produce 83,883 gs!
> Acceleration = w*r^2; w = (2*Pi)/60 seconds = .1047 rad/s. r^2 = 801025...

No, it wouldn't.

You seem inordinately enamored of this equation, so much so that you don't seem
to realize that [a] it may be the wrong equation or that [b] you're applying it
inappropriately and this deriving erroneous results.

For over 25 years now, we've had a set of values that everyone but you
recognizes as valid. The many scientists and authors whose works are cited on
my Gundam High Frontier page -- J. Desmond Bernal, Ben Bova, Stewart Brand,
Grant Callin, Arthur C. Clarke, Dandridge M. Cole, Donald W. Cox, James P.
Hogan, Larry Niven, Gerard K. O'Neill, Hermann (Potocnik) Noordung, Hermann
Oberth, Jerry Pournelle, Paolo Soleri, Allen Steele, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and
Wernher Von Braun -- are all in agreement with me as to how many RPM it takes to
produce 1 G on habitats ranging in size from 30 meters to 16 kilometers in

In addition, the creators of both Gundam and Babylon 5 use the same rotational
rates for their fictional space habitats, although the Gundam illustrators
speeded theirs up for the most part (CCA and F91 being the notable exceptions)
to make the rotation more pronounced on screen. Babylon 5, which is 5 miles (8
kilometers) long and a mile (1.6 kilometers) in diameter, rotates at just over 1
RPM, exactly as it should by my calculations.

If your figures were even remotely close to the accepted values, I'd be happy to
entertain your ideas. But so long as you keep insisting on tossing out number
that, while mathematically correct, have no bearing on the subject and are
wildly out of bounds, I find it hard to take you seriously, whatever your
credentials may be.

Expertise in one area is no guarantee of success or competence in another.


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