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Thu, 09 Nov 2000 11:16:32 +1100

Okay, it's just the beginnings of one at the moment. Anyone else want to
make suggestions?

- A new gundam model kit is announced on the ML
        - 2 if it's an MG
        - 3 if it's a PG
- Someone asks a question about the series
        - And the reply posts completely miss the point
- Mark Simmons posts something: Drink, then fall to your knees in worship
- Someone takes a cheap shot at one of the Gundam series
        - And it's a non-UC series
                - and it's Gundam Wing
                        - and other people feel compelled to continue the thread by making MORE
cheap shots at Gundam Wing: Gulp
                                - ...and it does NOT degenerate into flaming: FINISH OFF THE BOTTLE!
                - and it's Turn A Gundam
                        - ...and they mention the mustache
        - and it's a UC series: 2 Drinks
                - ...and it isn't ZZ: Chug, and get some meat to barbecue when the poor
bastard gets seriously flamed for it
- Someone makes a cheap shot at a character
        - and said character is Kou Uraki

Who's got some more?
Andrew Dynon

Things We Learn From Anime: A PO'd Tennyo on a murderous
search for vengeance is more attractive than an irritable
Japanese high school girl.
(Ayashi no Ceres episode 4)

"We Suzaku Seishi aren't smart enough to give up!"
- Tasuki, Fushigi Yuugi

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