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I was tired of GW fans saying that the original Gundam >series would not last on US TV due to the dated animation style. Posted my >thoughts ranging from the unoriginality of some GW plots.

Maybe they're right. The whole anime community is devolving anyway!

>I believe that Gundam Wing more accurately >Portrayed the confusion of war

Yeah right! and Superman is realistic! >

> >They weren't psychically endowed mutants. > >So the 5 boys are better than any Newtypes in the UC series. These Kids >were not normal in any sense. Bread warriors using almost invulnerable >Gundams. They did not need to be Newtypes.

They don't need to be newtypes, I agree. But they are no match for the newtypes of this I am sure. I mean even Bandai thinks so (ever play SRW? Even judo piloting the stupid Re-GZ can blast all of them to kingdom come and I did just that!)

>Amuro >Camille >And many more Newtypes were thrown into war. Not knowing what to expect, >seeing all their friends die. Nah no sorrow in that. Cmon get real.

These newtypes feel everyone's emotions!! It drives them to near insanity just to kill scum they know is worth killing! No sorrow? What the hell's wrong with you?


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