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> Is this the message other Westerners see when they watch Wing? Or is it
> me?

If you read my earlier posts you probably got my opinion
but yeah if you're going to glorify a terrorist group, why not
have it end like: Patriot Games, Ronin, Devil's Own, Usual
Suspects, Resevior Dogs etc... I know the last two weren't
really terrorist stories, but the sentiment is there.

Groups like this are involved in dangerous pursuits against
really powerful enemies, and the fact that all the G boys get
out of the entire series alive really pisses me off. Sally Po is
so much more a terrorist risking her neck with little resources
except for people who believe in her cause. I mean the one
or two times the boys get hurt in the series is bascially just
an excuse to give more screen time to less often used boys.
It'd be a better object lesson in my opinion if one or two of
the main characters died for their cause, although George C.
Scott will say its better to let Oz die for theirs, the point is
the G boys made no real sacrifices... the women around them
did, they risked lots like Duo's friend, and Sally, even Relena
jumps in front of stuff (Heero usually savers her, but she still
has the intention and we feel she might actually get shot) that
is what true causes are really about doing what's right wether
or not you might die. Heero seems too in a rush to kill himself
early on when it wouldn't serve any real purpose.

As I saw once written 'they ape the form, without the substance'
the G boys talk about heroics, and sacrifice, but never are very
heroic (because they can't lose) and they never sacrifice (well
they don't lose life, limb, anything) must be really hard to fight
in a 'war' when you can't be killed, can easily destory your foe
and of course you never have remorse (until Endless Waltz) for
the people you've killed. And then it was only really a flashback
so we'd know where the little red haired girl came from.


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