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> Semantics. *shrug* It's kinda like calling the Canadian armed forces an
> 'army', only with Nam the relationship is the other way around. =)

How old are you? You seem pretty carefree using a term that came in to use
shortly before I was born, and I'm actually a veteran.

The bring this back on topic, what I see in Gundam is the message that war is
glorious, tragic, and in the end, a painful experience that should have be
taught in a better way, but if the lesson isn't learned, then others are
destined to learn the glory, tragedy, and pain of the next war.

Now don't get up arms about my opinion, as it is just an opinion. Where I see
a difference in this with Wing isn't that it strays from this formula, but
that it glorifies terrorism, the tragic lives of mass murders, and the pain
of being full of teenage angst. I actually do enjoy Wing, and while it
definitely holds the last place for personal favorite Gundam shows, I love
the designs, and even the story in an odd sort of way.

I would have to say that the Leo, Aries, and Tallgeese are favorites of mine,
while the Taurus is the all time worst looking mecha design I have ever seen.
I like the storyline, the general plot, and even the premise behind the show.
I don't like the G-boys at all. They spend to much time fighting each other
and wasting valuable equipment and time blowing shit up instead of actually
doing anything constructive towards their supposed goal (which may in fact be
blowing shit up). This I find to be the only real flaw in the show, the
glorifying of the infighting, the celebration of going it alone over working
as a team, and the "heroic" way these Natural Born Killers slaughter people
without any remorse. Even in the end, when they force to work together, they
still go it alone, they just stop shot it each other instead.

Is this the message other Westerners see when they watch Wing? Or is it just


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