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I do have a question about the whole matter-how are the other alternate
universes looked at by Wing fans? I know they generally hold resentment
against G and Turn A because of their mecha design, but seem to think X is
'way cool'.

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> >Not to mention the video game violence of Gundam Wing, you fly
> >all over the place, and hit the fire button a lot. That to me isn't war
> >I don't even really consider it fighting.

> In all reality though, modern war isn't much more than pushing buttons
> it? <static> "Locked on target, firing AMRAM missle." <pause> "Target
> destroyed!" or "Hey that little country with no vowels in its name is
> attacking our ally!!!!" ...later..."BOOM!!! Hooray for nuclear warheads!!"

It isn't that simple really even now, there is no machine we have
that is invunerable to the weapons of the enemy... Rebels don't
scream "its an A.. abrams... BOOM" and yeah if we don't care
about collateral damage, and keeping the territory later we can
bomb people into non-existence, but to keep peace, land, food
or whatever you fought for, usually you can't just bomb and lay
cruise missiles down, you actually have to fight over the dirt.

The US Bombing policies while not economical, take advantage
of our air superiority, and keep US troop off Foreign Soil as much
as is possible. Why do this? because the US doesn't want another
ground war, they are dirty and distasteful, and public opinion will
not support them for long. Gundam Wing is glorified Terrorism,
and the so-called 'battles' are splat-o-rama eye candy.

There isn't the romance of the dogfight, which carries illusions of
knights jousting in tournament, desperadoes shooting it out at high
noon, or deulers fighting over honor in the wee hours before dawn.
Now don't get me wrong Wing has some of that, but most of it is
Arnold Swartzenegger one guy vs. the world violence where the
one guy, or Sentai team in this case can't lose.

In UC Gundams the hero could lose Kou, Amuro, Shiro all had a
nemesis all their own. Why we hate Kou (those that do) is that he
never beat Gato, Amuro beats Char, Shiro beats Norris, but Kou
never, ever gets one final "I kicked Gato's ass" moment in the OVA
or the movie. This makes us feel ambiguous about his 'hero' quality.

Heero gets an Amuro-like ass beating over Zechs every now and
then... which is why people like him, but the other characters don't
ever worry much about losing to Leos (in General, not the whole
series, so don't say there was this one time Wu Fei... I don't want
to hear it, I'm painting in broad strokes here) because they can't lose
and "we" know it, the "suspense" is gone. If they can't lose, then we
don't really have "struggle" and without that the "conflict" is really


> We haven't fought a true surface war since Vietnam. Gulf War did have its
> battles but not on the scale of 'Nam.

Um... I guess you're looking for WAR in the name huh... Panama
the Falklands, Costa Rica, Afghanistan, and the Golan Heights mean
nothing I guess. Obviously the term 'War' can't mean a length of time
since Desert Storm was so short, and it can't be termed by casualties
because it was hardly as bad as it could have been, many non-wars
have had more people die in them. So what constitutes a war?

I'm not trolling here, but Vietnam was a police action last time I knew..
Desert Storm was supposed to be the same kind of thing without LBJ
trying to get rich off Huey sales..

I mentioned the Golan, and Afghanistan because our 'advisors' watch
every fight that involved Soviet equipment and tactics, even when we
don't sell the people our guns, the Afghan rebels fought just fine with
AK-47s, but they'd tell us things about how the Russians fought, and
sell us stolen equipment too. We learned lessons in the Golan that we
applied in Desert storm. So the idea of a pushbutton war is foreign to
me. Its also very unrealistic to portray war that way, whole Earth type
conflicts don't have the clear decisive one way victories we've had over
people in skirmishes against enemies who could not have possibly won.


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