Oliver Barder (oliver.barder@btinternet.com)
Wed, 08 Nov 2000 20:29:31 +0000

> >What do you think???
> I think that, if you sallied into the newsgroup to slam Gundam Wing,
>you got pretty much what you deserved. :-) If you want to get people
>jazzed about classic Gundam, you'd be better off discussing its virtues
>rather than bitching about a popular show that's drawn thousands of new
>fans to the Gundam saga.

Inclusivity is indeed the key here, especially for a show as impenetrable
as Gundam. However I, personally, think it is a shame that Wing was
shown instead of one of the UC shows. Whilst I have nothing against Wing
I feel that Wing has given the wrong impression as to what most Gundam
is like.

Similar what Manga did to "anime" in the UK, but admittedly on a much
smaller scale.

> Like I said before - I must have missed the memo where it said we have
>to choose between Gundam Wing and UC Gundam...

There wasn't. The people that have made this choice are ones with other
political agendas...


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