Paul Fields (
Wed, 8 Nov 2000 15:03:00 -0500

> I believe that Gundam Wing more accurately
> Portrayed the confusion of war, and made it all the more poignant for the
> Fact that these were ordinary kids, trained to do a very terrible thing.

> So the 5 boys are better than any Newtypes in the UC series. These Kids
> were not normal in any sense. Bread warriors using almost invulnerable
> Gundams. They did not need to be Newtypes.

Well that is the problem, the GW boys aren't confused about war
they fully well know that all you need to win a war is a Gundam. I
think the very idea of an invunerable-super-robot defies the horror
and confusion of war.

Not to mention the video game violence of Gundam Wing, you fly
all over the place, and hit the fire button a lot. That to me isn't war
I don't even really consider it fighting.


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