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I know how you feel. Granted, I enjoy Gundam Wing, but I don't put it on a
pedestal above Universal Century, or even the other alternate
universes(Which are more fun, in my opinion).
Here's a Wing fan's attack on the original:

"Gundam Wing all the way.

It is the Wing characters that I have learned about and the Wing history
that I have studied.

Once they bring the original to the U.S. it will not only see VERY outdated,
but it will require me to learn the history of a new universe. Besides, that
Ray dude looks like one of those self-help people. He seems more like he
should be leading a class on group hugs then piloting a killer robot.

Besides, I like the flashy coolness of Gundam Wing.
Gundam Wing:Tne Next Generation"


Anyway, I figure if they dislike the original, they might like the OAVs
since they certainly look better than Wing. But I do have hope....I know a
lot of people at a Gundam message board who have been 'converted' to
Universal Century and now hate Wing.

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  I need to stop doing this to myself. I know better that to visit
alt.anime.gundam. As some of you know if you are a UC fan your views will be
taken as attacks if you mention anything “bad” about Gundam Wing. I posted
a thread stating that I was tired of GW fans saying that the original Gundam
series would not last on US TV due to the dated animation style. Posted my
thoughts ranging from the unoriginality of some GW plots.

  IE the Char (Zechs) and Artesia (Relena) subplot.

  The flashiness of the Gundam designs, especially in EW. (Bandai needs to
sell more toys and Models.)

  For these I was attacked. Accused of trying to start a Flame war. Just
today someone responded and stated that:

  I believe that Gundam Wing more accurately

  Portrayed the confusion of war, and made it all the more poignant for the

  Fact that these were ordinary kids, trained to do a very terrible thing.

  I agree with the sorrow of the wing pilots being trained to kill. But GW
cannot even touch the UC series in the Confusion of war.

  The kicker for me.

  They weren't psychically endowed mutants.

  So the 5 boys are better than any Newtypes in the UC series. These Kids
were not normal in any sense. Bread warriors using almost invulnerable
Gundams. They did not need to be Newtypes.



  And many more Newtypes were thrown into war. Not knowing what to expect,
seeing all their friends die. Nah no sorrow in that. C’mon get real.


  What do you think???

  Scott Alexander Frantz


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