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> >>>http://www.geocities.com/neometalgear/AllGundam12.jpg
>In fact, that splendid illustration featuring all Gundams (and
>semi-Gundams) in the SD form was, illustrated by a South Korean
>named Joon-Gyu Kang, who is really a big Gundam & FSS fan, and,
>by coincidence, a net-friend of mine. (his e-mail address is
>'soppu@hitel.net, and his homepage address can be found on the
>graphic file Chris Maier pointed out.) His first-ever remarkable
>interview regarding Gundam fandom in South Korea was issued in
>Ascii's Gundam 20th Anniversary Tribute Magazine called G20, Volume.7.
>(pg.55-56) You can see how he looks like in the magazine too.
>(though he was a bit disappointed that the picture doesn't do him
>justice...) And more than that, the general feature about the Gundam
>fandom in ROK is in pg.20-21. and the talking session with the Korean
>Gundam fan club 'BumGunSah' is in pg.51-54. If you look more closely
>into the pictures on the pg.54, you can found some NERD-TYPE GUY who is
>wearing the black t-shirts on which a big 'V' sign is placed, and the feddie
>helmet borrowed from the other fellow who is in his feddie soldier outfit.
>That is ME. :-)
>And back to the topic, the said illustration was produced for some kind of
>fan-made 20th anniversary limited edition poster, and sold in several anime-
>related events exclusively here in South Korea. And of course, the poster
>is completely SOLD OUT.
>You know what? Mr. Kang did his another miracle work: the special poster
>that is FULL OF ZAKU VARIATIONS! (this item, sadly, is sold out, too...)
>-Sunwook Kim
> ZAMBONY@hitel.net

Is there a picture we could see of that?


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