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>Yep. I saw that one. I remember that because the MTV sign transformed into a Gundam of some sort. Used I think the "T" on the MTV sign as beam sabers IIRC. Forgot who the opponent was though. But I think the "V" part was the antennae of the Gundam. I remember seeing it on MTV Asia (I'm from the Philippines) as late as last year. I'll try to record it one of these days if its still on.

oh yeah...
*1st commercial: the "Gundam" in that commercial resembled a cross between the RX-78-2 and NT-1, albeit with slimmer proportions and more softer edges. Its adversary was a "Zaku II" and when the "Zaku II" approaches the "Gundam" from the rear, the "Gundam" does an about face, draws out a "beam saber" and generates a "beam shield" that's shaped like an MTV logo.
*2nd commercial: this one's less Gundam-ish. Bad guys are attacking a building, and the MTV logo on top of it transforms into a robot (not much Gundam-ish), and throws the "V" in the MTV logo at one of the enemy ships.

>On MTV doing Anime: I come from Asia so I think the anime influenced ads are a bit more pronounced here. We've had ads where two kids take out of their pockets PS like controllers to project onto a wall an SF like fighting game. We even have a Virtual Idol "Lily" as a host on one of the segments taking requests. IIRC, Liquid TV (for the US) showed a Katsushiro Otomo short for one of their segments and the story was about a futuristic racing duel. I heard about Speed Racer being shown on MTV too.

*Fed...she's "Lili" and her voice is so cool ^_^
*that SF-like fighting game also damaged surrounding areas like signboards, walls, etc...
*I was able to watch that racing duel you mentioned...it was great! IIRC it was around 10 years ago, and nobody survived, not even the winner...

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