Jim Dulhunty (s3159706@student.anu.edu.au)
Thu, 9 Nov 2000 01:14:26 +1100

Goddamn it! I can't she this pick until 9am (its 1:11am right now) 'cause
I'm doing an allnighter in a Uni computer lab and they won't download
anything but text outside opening hours.

I'd really like to see it , not because I'm a pervert (well thats not my
primary motivation), but because I have a friend called rachel, and it
sounds like you're desrcibing her.


> Upon following all of this thread for a while, and having seen the
>kit of Rachel (to which my only comment is: Damn! *double take* Damn!)
> Where can a I get a copy of Trivial Operation? which issues of Dengeki
>Hobby is the story in? Is it manga style or is it a photo/model novel?
>Jim G

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