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        Upon following all of this thread for a while, and having seen the resin
kit of Rachel (to which my only comment is: Damn! *double take* Damn!)

        Where can a I get a copy of Trivial Operation? which issues of Dengeki
Hobby is the story in? Is it manga style or is it a photo/model novel?


Jim G

At 09:44 PM 11/08/2000 +0800, you wrote:
>> >Anybody here know anything about Rachel, the well-endowed 08MST Zeon pilot
>> >featured in the Aug & Oct issues of Dengenki Hobby magazine? Unless I'm
>> >losing my mind, I don't recall seeing her in the show.
>> She is the main character from that 08th MS Team sidestory that was
>> serialized in Dengeki Hobby magazine (never animated, of course). Search
>> through the GML archives and you will see references to it. When they were
>> conceptualizing the story, one of the comments made was that the lead female
>> character must have huge breasts.
>-V-'s translation in the GML archive:
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