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> In Japanese, the same terms are used for officer ranks in all services.
> Shiroh and Kou, for example, both have the rank of "shoi" - an ensign in
> naval terms, a 2nd lieutenant in army ones. While previous domestic
> releases have generally used naval terms throughout, this seems to have
> become a point of controversy in the adaptation of First Gundam. I'm
> still waiting to find out how Sunrise decides, but at this point it seems
> likely that they'll use a mix of army and navy ranks depending on the
> appropriate service branch...

>It still bothers me though. The Zeons seem to have a coherent >rank system
>throughout each series. Whether they're the original Zeons or >one of the
>splinter groups in the later series.

The Zeons are the Zeons while the Feds are the Feds. They're different from
each other and the different branch thing does make sense.
Actually what bothers me is the fact that they're both 01, Shiro is 01
because he's the platoon commander, in this sense, it should be South
Burning who should be 01.

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