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<< Yeah, I think I remember something to that effect. It bugged me to no
 end for a few reasons - first off, I didn't have cable, and spotted the
 ad while I was keeping an eye on someone else's house (and kids).
 Secondly, I didn't watch MTV under normal circumstances (even when cable
 was available), and had no way of knowing if MTV had suddenly decided to
 start doing anime related stuff. Thirdly, I never did find anything
 additional out about it...
 Anyway, I don't remember much about it, except I think the Gundam was
 moving at high speed, and I don't think it was from the original series
 (the animation style was newer than that used in MS Gundam). But its
 been so long, that I could be wrong on both counts.

I remember some little ad like this from MTV but it definately wasn't a
Gundam. It was some generic robot that looked semi gundamish fighting
another tobot.


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