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Ehe... I'm partly responsible for these notes written by Dan Kanemitsu -
translator for the ADV and the Gasaraki series. -_-;

Watching Nadesico, I found a lot of Gundam references ("Omai wo korosu") - I
think I mentioned this as one of them on the Ruri ML and he promptly
corrected me. The fansubs originally had "Gai Super Napalm" - he said that
if Gai had indeed said Napalm - it would have been pronounced "Na-pa-mu".

Not "Nap-pa" since Japanese seemed to have a difficulty starting the "Uh"
sound without the stringent N sound IIRC from the post Daniel wrote before
to correct me.

Hehe... Dan is a gundam fan himself btw. :P


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> In the Translation notes for the Nadesico DVD, there's the following
> excerpt:
> ---
> Some people in the fandom community have taken issue with the translation
> "Gai Super Upper" featured in this episode. Apparently, in some of the
> popularly circulated fan sub translations of Nadesico, Gai's line was
> translated to "Gai Super Napalm." Some claimed that this was homage to a
> weapon featured in the second episode of the original Gundam TV series
> (circa 1979.) Amuro pilots his Gundam and goes about destroying the
> reamaining parts of Fed MS left in Side 7 using a weapon called the "Super
> Napalm". This was the only time this ewapon was featured in Gundam. It's
> been argued that Gai's line is homage to this.
> While I'm certain the original producers of Nadesico would be quite
> to hear of such thoughtful analysis, I don't hesitate in proclaiming that
> there was no such intent. The reason is Gai never says "Gai Super Napalm".
> ---
> Especially groovy since Core brought this very thing up recently =)
> Personally the fansub I saw said "Gai Super Napalm", and thats what it
> sounds like to me ... but whatever =P
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