Paul Fields (
Wed, 8 Nov 2000 01:14:46 -0500

> Argh.....the Fed's rank system annoys me because it doesnt know which
> of the current military service to stem from!


> Just which branch of service are the feds getting their rank from? Navy or
> Army/Marines?!?

Actually what's funny is they seem to be a little consistent based on what
military they are modeling at the time.

08th MS team - Ground Warfare - Army Ranks
0083 Stardust - Carriers Ops - Navy Ranks
(whole thing is just a Top Gun ripoff anyway)
0080 War/Pocket - Amphibious - Groundpounders on Boats - Mixed
0079 MS Gundam - Mixed - Mostly Army Ranks

I welcome corrections for omissions or whatever...


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