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In the Translation notes for the Nadesico DVD, there's the following

Some people in the fandom community have taken issue with the translation of
"Gai Super Upper" featured in this episode. Apparently, in some of the
popularly circulated fan sub translations of Nadesico, Gai's line was
translated to "Gai Super Napalm." Some claimed that this was homage to a
weapon featured in the second episode of the original Gundam TV series
(circa 1979.) Amuro pilots his Gundam and goes about destroying the
reamaining parts of Fed MS left in Side 7 using a weapon called the "Super
Napalm". This was the only time this ewapon was featured in Gundam. It's
been argued that Gai's line is homage to this.
While I'm certain the original producers of Nadesico would be quite tickled
to hear of such thoughtful analysis, I don't hesitate in proclaiming that
there was no such intent. The reason is Gai never says "Gai Super Napalm".
Especially groovy since Core brought this very thing up recently =)
Personally the fansub I saw said "Gai Super Napalm", and thats what it
sounds like to me ... but whatever =P

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