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Dafydd writes,

>I have to disagree with you here. The Minovsky-Ionescu compact fusion
>wasn't the first practical fusion system, just the most efficient and
>compact -- small enough to bring fusion to the masses, if you will.

  Actually, my understanding is that it _is_ the first practical fusion
system. Minovsky and Ionesco don't start their development effort until
0047, and the result is supposed to be the first production-quality
helium 3 fusion reactor. In 0065, they note strange phenomena within the
Minovsky-Ionesco reactor, and thus discover the Minovsky particle. Since
the Minovsky particle is a byproduct of this specific fusion reaction,
the Minovsky-Ionesco reactor must have been pretty newly completed at
this point. And if it was the first practical helium 3 reactor, who
needed a Jupiter Energy Fleet up until then?

  (The compact fusion reactor used in mobile suits came a few years
later, in 0071; this improved version uses an I-field to contain the
reactants, instead of a magnetic bottle.)

Zhou Tai An writes,

>I prefer Sharia Bull.

  Me too, but it looks like Challia is going to be the official spelling
from now on.

>Exactly how much stuff was left out the movie? ^_^

  That's about it, I think. But the movie itself is little more than a
pilot for a planned TV series, so there's lots of stuff before and after
the movie events that we'll never see animated.

>Actually, another question - it's said that large amounts of helium-3 can be
>found in the Moon's soil, left there by the solar wind, so why isn't the
>Moon a highly-contested location?

  Who says it ain't? Even before the war begins, the Zeons have a
military presence on the moon, at Granada. I could easily see the Zeons
mining lunar soil for helium fuel while waiting for their Jupiter supply
lines to lick in.

>Weren't they just allied with them?

  Yes, but the Jupiter fleet quickly soured on the Crossbone Vanguard
after Berah Ronah took power and swore off anti-Federation activity. At
that point they were just an annoyance to the Jupiter crowd.

>They supply energy to the Federation, then use the money to fund
>anti-Federation movements? ^_^

  Yep. Clever, huh? You could perhaps draw an analogy to some of the oil-
producing states of the modern world...

-- Mark

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