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> >Until the uranium inside has actually detonated, I would assume >that
> normal
> >missiles and nuclear ones are equally hot or cold...
> >Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)
> Actually, the fact that the uranium, or more probably plutonium, is
> radioactive aka actively radiating energy should mke the nukes hotter than
> the conventional missiles even if the Uranium/Plutonium hasn't even reached
> critical mass.

This assumes that "nuclear" means either a fission or fission-triggered fusion

But Gundam has established the Minovsky-Ionescu compact fusion reactor, a pure
fusion device about the size of a conentional home refrigerator.

If "nuclear" missiles are tipped with pure fusion warheads, they'd have heat
signatures on par with those of large MS/MA or small ships, ne?


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