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> Subject: [gundam] Gravity within a colony (was: Funnels and flying MS)
> Given that gravity is simulated inside a space colony, would a
> totally detached
> object (i.e. not touching the colony at all, and therefore not
> sharing the same
> spinning motion) within a colony still experience the gravitational force
> brought about by the colony's longitudinal revolution?

It depends on where you begin. If you're on the hull, then you begin with the
same moment and vector as the hull, to which whatever acceleration you apply is
coupled. There'll be some spinward component, so jumps in the direction of spin
will have some additional oomph, those in the opposite direction a little less
and those at right angles are effectively neutral. Unless you have enough
upward acceleration to overcome the centripetal force entirely, you'll "fall"
back toward the hull.

If, on the other hand, you begin at the poles and jump across the axis, you're
effectively in zero gee the whole time, with one proviso. You're not in a
vacuum, to friction with the air will impart some spin, which becomes an outward
acceleration. The farther out you go, the more spin you pick up and the more
you accelerate outward, The net result, unless countered by some force
(flapping your arms might work, if you were properly oriented, but a jet works
best), is a "death spiral" outward into the hull.

For details, refer to my Gundam High Frontier page:



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