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Bandai needs and endless supply of variants to keep things interesting.
Don't try to read reality into a marketing decision.

Sure, Amuro probably could have kicked ass in the RX-78 forever, but who
wants to see the same suit in three series?

For that matter, how many Gundams survive the 50% point in any of the
series after MSG?

0083: Three Gundams, 1 major variant (GP-01FB) in 12 episodes
08th: 2 main Gundams, 12 episodes
Gundam X: A new rebuild of the main Gundams every 10 episodes over ~30
Wing: 2 TallGeese, Epyon, 3 Main Gundams rebuilt or introduced by 50%

Any body who tries to come up with an explanation beyond Bandai marketing
and the show creator's wanting a distinctive look is seriously blowing

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> Subject: [gundam] Mass Production MS
> This just occured to me, the Gundam series was never really mass-produced
right? Why?
> I mean, lets say in CCA, the standard fed suit was the Jegan (but I do
remember seeing some GMs which model I'm not sure of) The point is, at this
time, shouldn't making say more RX 78s or MkII's be more affordable? Or was
it because the new standard MS are better than the old Gundams (like in SRW
where the stats of the Jegan are far better than Gp01). Or maybe, the
Gundam is just for Newtypes (but this doesn't make sense!) Why wasn't any
gundam rendered as standard fed artillery when history showed its superior
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