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Yeah, just look at what Kou Uraki did...the guy effectively trashed 4
Gundams(I'm counting GP-01 and GP-01 FB as slightly different units).
 Shiro Amada on the other hand....

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>This just occured to me, the Gundam series was never really mass-produced
right? Why?
>I mean, lets say in CCA, the standard fed suit was the Jegan (but I do
remember seeing some GMs which model I'm not sure of) The point is, at this
time, shouldn't making say more RX 78s or MkII's be more affordable? Or was
it because the new standard MS are better than the old Gundams (like in SRW
where the stats of the Jegan are far better than Gp01). Or maybe, the Gundam
is just for Newtypes (but this doesn't make sense!) Why wasn't any gundam
rendered as standard fed artillery when history showed its superior

Well, there is no concrete information on the amount of resources needed to
produce a Gundam, but if you'll check out Blood of Jion (which I consider
the game closest to the original series) Gundams are EXPENSIVE. Comparing
the price of them to later mass-produced units (which actually do perform
better because of refined technology) it's really better to stick to them
instead of producing Gundams. Also, remember that we all think the Gundam is
god because guess who originally piloted it - someone known as Amuro Rei,
who is a DAMN GOOD pilot. ^_^ Put a standard soldier in a Gundam and it'd
probably be a waste of money.

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