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Jeff Slobey wrote:

> Someone told me that on the Limp Bizkit/eminem tour there was a giant
> gundam torso. Has anyone seen or heard anything about this? Are
> there any pics on the web? On a somewhat related note, did anyone
> ever see the MTV gundam ad? It was probably on about 6 years ago. I
> only saw it once but my vcr was loaded and prepped to try and catcch
> it if it appeared again, but it never did. The gundam fought another
> MS, I don't remember which(it could have been a zaku but i really
> can't remember it well at all.) and it had a beam shield that said
> MTV. jeff

Yeah, I think I remember something to that effect. It bugged me to no
end for a few reasons - first off, I didn't have cable, and spotted the
ad while I was keeping an eye on someone else's house (and kids).
Secondly, I didn't watch MTV under normal circumstances (even when cable
was available), and had no way of knowing if MTV had suddenly decided to
start doing anime related stuff. Thirdly, I never did find anything
additional out about it...
Anyway, I don't remember much about it, except I think the Gundam was
moving at high speed, and I don't think it was from the original series
(the animation style was newer than that used in MS Gundam). But its
been so long, that I could be wrong on both counts.


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