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If you are not looking for rare or out-of-production models, buying from
demostic dealers are actually cheaper than over-sea dealers. In my case, I
got most of kits from a guy in NY China Town. His prices are pretty
reasonable, about (Yen price / 100 + $5.00). For examples, MG Gouf $30.00,
MG Zeta $35.00, wing 1/100 kits $20.00... However, their availablity isn't
that good, hot kits usually sell out in about 2 weeks.

As for Rainbow10 and HLJ, I have nothing good to say about them. Extremely
expensive shipping costs + terrible customer services = Bad shopping
experience. I would stay away from them unless I am looking for some rare

Items on sale:

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>I dunno wat to say. I've bought from this guy for quite a few times and
>nothing goes wrong, other than a few crashed boxes, which is not that
>serious if you're going for the model itself. But I really would like to
>see him improve on the packaging/protection of the kits, and the prices.
>Jeff, maybe you would like to mail him again? I knew he was out for
>business trip a few weeks back, maybe that's why he never replied your
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> could you please advise me on dealing with this guy? I bought a 6 SD
>gundam set from him and sent him the money but I have yet to receive my
>product. Would it have been better just to send cash?
> I dunno, I guess you should just hope everything comes all right. It
>did take him a while to ship so it might be quite a bit before you get your

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