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KurenaiJiku wrote:
> I think you would have to be touching the colony. I think the same goes
> for planets as well...for example...the planets spin around the sun and
> planets spin on themselves. If you approached a planet in a ship at a
> certain trajectory, you would be able to orbit it due to it's gravitational
> flow...so in fact, yes you would still experience gravitational force, but
> no where near if you were closer to the actual object that's spinning. The
> gravity though is greatest at it's center as does apply to the Earth's core
> (so technically no one can actually travel to the core otherwise they'd be
> crushed), and if you travelled to the center of the colony's cylindrical
> core, you would probably feel a substantianlly higher gravity force than if
> you were outside the colony or on it's surface.
> Kuren

Actually, the opposite is true - the least gravitational force in a
colony cylinder is at its center. As stated earlier, if you were to
jump hard enough off of the colony's inner surface (say, on a
trampoline), it is quite possible to achieve freefall. That is why all
MS's can "fly" in a colony cylinder - even the small "puchi" MS's
(worker types).
  As for the fannel thread (about where they can and cannot fly), I saw
a thing on TLC or DSC (I forget which) about experimental small flying
craft (for combat, surveillance, etc.), and one of them had the exact
same flight operating system as the fannels from CCA (with the
maneuvering/vernier thrusters along its circumfrence). In the footage I
saw, it lifted off in a warehouse space and hovered there using its
verniers, moving back and forth a bit, and even rotating. I was very
impressed. The whole device was only a few feet long, and probably
didn't hold very much fuel, but it stayed up for at least a minute. So
I would have to say yes, fannels can fly in an atmosphere and within the
earth's gravity.

        Trevor in California

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