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Dafydd wrote:

>Space Runaway is more of a nickname.

For foreign (especially western) fans like the most of GML-ers, Sunrise
created the nicknames for almost every robot shows they made after the
Gundam, like Blue Gale Xabungle (originally Combat Mecha Xabungle) or
Aura Battler Dunbine (originally Holly Warrior Dunbine).

Interestingly, the working title for Ideon was 'Space Runaway Gandrowa'
(Gandrowa was dropped, but later used as the enemy giant fortress in the
finished show...).

>It's the TV series that Yoshiyuki Tomino (writer/director) and
>Yoshikazu Yasuhiro (artist/character designer) did after Gundam.

YOSHIKAZU YASUHIKO has nothing to do with Ideon. Character designs for
the show was done by Tomonori Kogawa (Xabungle, Dunbine, Southern Cross,
and some exclusive charas for the game Super Robot Wars series...).

-Sunwook Kim

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