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>Until the uranium inside has actually detonated, I would assume >that
>missiles and nuclear ones are equally hot or cold...

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Actually, the fact that the uranium, or more probably plutonium, is
radioactive aka actively radiating energy should mke the nukes hotter than
the conventional missiles even if the Uranium/Plutonium hasn't even reached
critical mass.

Then again this means that the funnels probably have sensors of their own
and that Char simply ordered them to go after the hottest ones. This could
also explain why one (out of four) got away, since the funnels IR sensors
could be blinded by the nuclear blasts, they may have lost "sight" of the
other one that hit Axis.

This also means that Char didn't use his Newtype ability to find the nukes,
just his knowledge and experience.

BTW: Did you know that Axis is spelled - "Axcis" in CCA, its in the briefing
scene before the final assault.

>"There is no one simple truth." - Rune Walsh

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