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>In the UC series (I haven't seen them all) I only remeber >funnels being
used in space. In SRW you can use funnels even on >Earth, is that possible?

TEchnically they can only be used in space. However it seems that they were
used on the ground in ZZ, but then again this is ZZ.

>In line with this, I have a question about flying MS. In Gundam >F91 and
V-Gundam, MS can fly without those getta thingies. I >mean even in a colony
(which simulates Earth's gravity) is this >possible? In SRW the F91 can't
fly on Earth whereas in G->Generation Zero, it can. Hmm...

Depends on the thrust to weight ratio as well as amount of propelant, this
is unless they have Minovsky craft systems. And it is easier to escape a
colony's gravity than earths. Just simply jump in a way that you're no
longer affected by the centrifugal forces that simulate gravity in a colony.
Technically speaking, you can probably throw a frisbee into the air and have
it come down on the other side of a colony or never come down at all.

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