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Mon, 06 Nov 2000 23:28:18 -0800

>My thoughts are that Char didn't really want Axis to crash into Earth, but
>rather only started his counterattack to face off his long rival; Amuro
>Rey. I mean, that would explain why Char gave Amuro the psychoframe
>technology. He wanted a fair and honorable fight rather than having a
>definite advantage with the psycho frame.

-It could also be that Amuro is stronger than Char (but this is highly unlikely since that would mean that Amuro's force wll still be counteracted and lessened). Char did give Amuro the psychoframe in order to get himself into an honorable final bout, but maybe just maybe, this was just another one of his sick exercises in philosophy (you never know with Char).

Just for stupid sake, Nu Gundam
>awfully reminds me of a suped up RX-78 and Sazabi reminds me of a giant
>Zaku 2 Char drove during the OYW. Maybe it's just me...

Yeah, especially Sazabi which looks like his famous red Zaku. Ever notice that federation mark ( the one like an inverted boomerang somewhere on Nu Gundam's midsection) RX 78 had that too.


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