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I recently re-read the CCA synopsis on Mark's site; Gundam Project (great
site btw Mark).

SPOILER AHEAD (But if you haven't watched CCA yet, you're one deprived soul

And basically Mark mentions in the conclusion section that Char's and
Amuro's psychoframe both explode creating that psychic glow which in turn
pushes away Axis from Earth. According to basic psychoframe fact, the
psychoframes amplify newtype thought (the newtype versions anyhow)
therefore transferring the emotion/thought to remote bits, wired bits,
funnels or fin funnels (whatever you want). However, the sole purpose of
the psychoframe as mentioned on Mecha Domain and Gundam Project, was that
funnels amplify psychic thought through emotions. So it's kinda like a
translator. As mentioned on Gundam Project, unknown phenomenon may occur
to too much psychic input into the psycho frame.

So getting to the point...Mark mentioned that Char's and Amuro's
psychoframe both exploded due to too much psychic input therefore creating
that huge glow which pushed away Axis. Now if Char really wanted Axis to
crash into Earth, don't you think the thought overload would push Axis even
farther and faster into Earth? Amuro's thought was pretty much obvious; he
wanted to push it away. So if Char's thoughts were different from Amuro's,
I think that those thoughts would contradict Amuro's therefore leaving it
Axis in a neutral status.

My thoughts are that Char didn't really want Axis to crash into Earth, but
rather only started his counterattack to face off his long rival; Amuro
Rey. I mean, that would explain why Char gave Amuro the psychoframe
technology. He wanted a fair and honorable fight rather than having a
definite advantage with the psycho frame. Just for stupid sake, Nu Gundam
awfully reminds me of a suped up RX-78 and Sazabi reminds me of a giant
Zaku 2 Char drove during the OYW. Maybe it's just me...


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